New TPE for Fun Feeders Helps Solve Mealtime Problems

Waukegan, Ill., — June 29, 2016 – PolymaxTPE, a manufacturer of premier quality thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), has developed a ultra-high flow TPE P21-093A that retains high ductility and strength to help satisfy the increasing needs for pet feeders specifically designed to prevent rapid and hasty eating by pets.

The TPE Feed Mat is great for feeding at home or can easily fold for on-the-go. It makes pet mealtime into fun time! The flexible food-safe TPE elastomer creates a playful feeding experience that pups love while the unique nonslip and flip-resistant design ensures that furry friends enjoy their food at a fun and healthy pace.

This new 78 shore A TPE from Polymax can be easily colored and molded into complex shapes with good surface finish. Its’ slip resistance property helps the pet feeder to prevent sliding and food spillage. Polymax TPE P21-093A material is recyclable, top rack dishwasher safe, free of PVC, metal, latex, and phthalates. For more information, please contact Tom Castile at 847-316-9902, or email

TPE Fun Feeders
TPE Fun Feeders