Extensive THermoplastic Elastomer Capabilities

In addition to research and development expertise, the PolymaxTPE team has an extensive range of capabilities in materials and manufacturing, as well as the know-how to leverage these assets for success.

Polymax develops thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials for use in injection molding, insert molding, two shot injection molding, over molding, extrusion, and blow-molding processes. Within the product portfolio, there are materials that provide excellent bonding performance to other substrates including PE, PP, ABS, PC/ABS, Co-Polyester, Nylon, and Propionate.

PolymaxTPE thermoplastic grades provide hardness characteristics from 0-99 Shore A and can be formulated to meet a variety of specific physical and aesthetic requirements in flexibility, grip-ability, feel, color, opacity, and taste or odor neutrality. The range includes thermoplastic materials which often exceed industry standards in high-heat stability, abrasion resistance, tear strength, melt strength, and foaming ability, as well as low extractable levels required by the food contact and medical industries.