PolymaxTPE Thermoplastic Elastomer Pellets


In addition to research and development expertise, the PolymaxTPE team has an extensive range of capabilities in materials and manufacturing, and the know-how to leverage these assets for success.
The company develops TPE materials for use in injection molding, extrusion and blow-molding processes. Within the product portfolio there are materials that provide excellent bonding performance to other substrates including PE, PP, ABS, PC/ABS, Co-Polyester, Nylon and Propionate.

PolymaxTPE grades provide hardness characteristics from 0-99 Shore A and can be formulated to meet a variety of specific physical and aesthetic requirements in flexibility, grip ability, feel, color, opacity, and taste or odor neutrality. The range includes materials which often exceed industry standards in high heat stability, abrasion resistance, tear strength, melt strength and foaming ability as well as low extractable levels required by the food contact and medical industries.

Product Performance Characteristic Chart

Series Hardness Extrusion Injection Molding Transparent Grade Bondable Substrate Applications
P (P3, P2, P1) 8A-99A pc-check pc-check PP, PE Overmolding onto PP, or Standing alone
Consumer, Industrial, Packaging, Electronics, Healthcare, Automotive
C 0A-95A pc-check pc-check pc-check PP Clear & ultra soft grades
Consumer, Packaging, Electronics, Healthcare
S 30A-75A pc-check PS, PP0 Overmolding onto Polystyrene
Consumer, Electronics
N 50A-65A pc-check PA 6 Overmolding onto Nylon
Consumer, Electronics
F 60A-97A pc-check pc-check .. Flame retardant grades – Halogenated or Halogen-Free
Electronics, Wire & Cable, and Industrial
D 30A-90A pc-check pc-check PP, PE Extrusion Grades
Cap and closer, Films, Window Seals, Wire and Cables
A 10A-85A pc-check pc-check ABS, PC
Overmolding onto ABS, ABS/PC, PC
Consumer, Industrial, Electronics, Automotive
Coating 40A-80A pc-check PP Fabric Coating

For information about high temperature, abrasion resistance, low compression set, and silicone feel grades, please contact us at 847-978-0100.

PolymaxTPE products are also available under the Maxelast® brand, a registered trademark of Polymax Thermoplastic Elastomers, LLC