PolymaxTPE is pleased to introduce an exciting new TPE product. Ideal for replacing your typical TPU product where abrasion and performance are key, the AR Series is available in a range of durometers and both injection molding and extrusion grades. Clear and opaque versions are available for broad color design options. Specific applications for this product include bumpers, wire and hose coating, furniture, footwear, and industrial.

The Benefits of AR Series TPE

Our new TPE technology provides lower-weight products due to low specific gravity – up to 25% lower based on typical 92A TPU. This lower weight leads to a significant reduction in part weight and material cost. Pre-drying, which can be expensive, isn’t required with our product, resulting in reduced costs with reduced material handling and scrap, and a lower environmental footprint. While TPU is typically more abrasion-resistant than TPE, the AR Series provides equal or better abrasion resistance properties than TPUs, per customer-specific test results. And unlike TPUs, this TPE product is not subject to hydrolysis failure, giving it a more extended part life when exposed to wet environments. Improved colorfastness is another perk.

Additionally, our TPE technology bonds exceptionally well to polypropylene when over-molded or coextruded, whereas TPUs require less efficient mechanical bonding when combined with PP components. Our product also offers better recyclability; it’s fully recyclable as standalone parts or when over-molded to PP. With PolymaxTPE specialty grades, PP/TPE parts can be recycled together and reused directly into alternative products.

The Proof is in the Parts

The testing procedure for the AR Series includes a Taber 5750 Linear Abrasion Tester with 850-gram weight and an H-22 abraser. It can be tested until failure to specified cycles, and we can set it up specifically to compare to other TPE products.

Customers have reported outstanding results, including minor appearance changes, less weight loss, a smooth surface with minimal debris or crumbs, and no dimension change. A customer who tested an extruded hose was pleased with the excellent extrusion performance of the part without having to dry it, remarking that the hose surface tested and outperformed a TPU hose and had lower abrasion loss. Another customer tested an industrial, injection-molded part and commented that it outperformed TPU parts in laboratory and real-life use testing, with a longer part life, no hydrolysis failures, and excellent abrasion properties. In addition, the customer was pleased with its ability to over-mold onto polypropylene efficiently, especially when compared to TPU.


PolymaxTPE continues to be at the front line of advancements in TPE technology with the development of the AR Series. The advantages are numerous: excellent abrasion resistance, lower part weight, no hydrolysis worries, no required pre-drying, improved color stability, and a strong bond to PP when over-molded. And with a range of durometers, injection molding and extrusion grades, and numerous benefits that impact your bottom line, you’re sure to find success for your project needs with our TPE technology.

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