Unique in our passion for adding value for customers by creating the perfect solution for each project, PolymaxTPE offers a complete partner, working with you every step of the way. In a world where the bottom line is all that matters, the entire team at PolymaxTPE goes out of their way to be approachable – when you need us, we will be there – all while developing better solutions faster.

While we understand what makes us the perfect choice to deliver the best thermoplastic elastomer solutions, we want to answer the frequently asked questions we receive to help make your decision process easy.

What are Polymax’s areas of expertise?

At PolymaxTPEwe are experts in thermoplastic elastomer technologies. With our widely accredited technical service team and our experienced sales staff, we help customers identify the best products to meet their performance and manufacturing goals economically.

With every solution that we deliver, it begins with us carefully listening to our customers to understand their specific requirements and the unique objectives needed for their application. Using this information, we find a tailored TPE solution to satisfy the exact needs of the application.

Whether the solution is an already developed TPE formulation or a new, customized formulation, PolymaxTPE works hard to provide the customer with the best combination of physical properties and optimized processing characteristics within their financial targets.

When working with PolymaxTPE, what does the process look like?

From the first conversation at PolymaxTPE, a personal representative will serve as your single-source contact for your project.

At the beginning of our process, we will discuss your project objectives, including any relevant benchmarks that need to be met along the way.

This model holds true for a simple “just a quote” project or ones that will require the creation of new materials that involve production ramp-ups to full commercialization.

Like every material solution we offer, we can customize our business process to fit what works best for you. From the simplest to the most complex projects, the customer can decide the support level desired to reach their business objectives.

Which TPE product is right for my application?

This question can be challenging to answer, as it depends on the performance demands of the material. For many customers, the TPE product that is right for an application is the one to their specific needs/objects and not an over-engineered or under-performing product.

At PolymaxTPE, we provide customers with peace of mind, as we are a supplier that is as interested as you are in getting the right material that fits with your program. Our team will never try to force-fit a standard line product to the customer. Instead, we prefer to get a better understanding of what the customer is trying to do. Then we are more equipped to provide the ideal product for their specific end-product and manufacturing process.

Take the stress out of this process and let our experts help – fill out our product finder form.

Can PolymaxTPE create a custom solution for my application?

Absolutely! Our detailed screening process is designed to provide our technicians with all the information they need to find a suitable formula, which may require just modifying our standard products to meet the demanding environments that your application requires or developing innovative new formulations that can exceed expectations.

With a deep product line and close to 10,000 existing formulas in our database, it is probable that the perfect material solution has already been developed. However, if your application does require a customized solution, our development team is ready to take action.

At PolymaxTPE, we are driven by our motto, “Creating Better Solutions Faster”. Many consumers think that customization comes with high customized prices. However, the most common comment we receive from our customers is how they appreciate PolymaxTPE for providing a tailored TPE solution without the constricting price premium that other custom TPE providers charge.

What separates PolymaxTPE from other TPE manufacturers?

Thermoplastic elastomers are complex compounds that require a significant level of capital and intellectual investment. With our expertise, experience and a laser-like focus on customer satisfaction, we are driven to exceed expectations with exceptional quality through innovative TPE solutions.

We know that we are not the only option for your thermoplastic elastomer solution needs, but when you work with PolymaxTPE, you can count on us to offer:

  • A fully committed and Dependable partnership
  • Shorter lead times on orders
  • Customizable solutions without the extreme prices

As a company, PolymaxTPE operates as a flat organization with manufacturing processes that are significantly automated and features technology among the best worldwide. Put all of this together, and you have a TPE supplier that offers speed, agility and competence while being a fun business partner.

What materials does PolymaxTPE compound?

PolymaxTPE makes thermoplastic elastomer compounds. Our primary forte is styrenic block compounds, which can meet countless application needs for a broad base of end-use markets, from food contact grades, medical devices/components, consumer goods to industrial and automotive interiors.

No matter your application needs, more than likely, our materials will meet or even exceed expectations while satisfying the requirements.

As a trusted resource, if we cannot immediately find the right solution, we will offer recommendations for your next steps.

Let us show you how we deliver premium thermoplastic elastomer materials and create lean solutions used injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding processes for manufacturers better and faster than anyone else.

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