PolymaxTPE Applies TPE Technology to Create Dog Toy Solution

If you’ve ever owned a dog that goes through toys like food, you know the struggle of finding a toy strong enough to withstand the beating your dog can give. Dog toys made in China are susceptible to varying quality and can use non-FDA ingredients due to primary focus on cost, which can be very harming to your pet. Even with US reshoring to supply high quality dog toys, they often import low cost TPE’s from Asia to lower costs. However, these imported TPE’s are often non-FDA and have high chemical odors from residual VOC’s.

As a company of long time pet lovers, the team at PolymaxTPE was able to provide better solutions due to leveraging our understanding of how dogs interact with their toys and how TPE’s should be utilized in a dog toy. Dog toys need high tear strength to provide durability and longer use by the dogs. Some TPE’s promoted for dog toy applications have high tear strength in only one flow direction (direction of flow = TPE flow when filling tool). However in real usage, dogs chew, bite and try to pull apart in all directions, not just one. This shortens the life of the dog toy and can create choking hazards for the dogs.

In order to solve the issue of dog toys, Dr. Martin Lu, Eric Zhang and Emma the Pitbull worked together to try and achieve the high tear strength in both flow and cross direction in a soft TPE for use in dog toys as well as low odor, FDA approved TPE for dog owners who want the best and safest toys for their dogs.

By leveraging our low sensory TPE IP from food packaging applications we applied this to the dog toy market and focused on real use properties versus just TDS data. In only 3 months, PolymaxTPE was able to develop a solution that not only out performed competitors, the customer was even willing to pay a premium in order to get the PolymaxTPE solution.