PolymaxTPE Introduces its Latest Innovation in TPE Solutions with the P32-038-1

One of the biggest challenges of owning a car is keeping it clean. This is especially important when you buy a new car, as you want to keep the car as new as possible. While not often thought about, floor mats are a key accessory to the interior of a car to help combat the rain, snow and mud that comes with the different seasons. Anyone who has seen a car without floor mats understands the important role they play in helping to keep the carpeting from looking worn, with impossible to get out mud stains.

With a long history of success in creating sensory neutral products such as food packaging and interior car parts, PolymaxTPE has worked with top automakers both regionally and globally. PolymaxTPE was challenged by an automotive manufacturer from China to help them find a TPE product solution that incorporated easy to process features, good cosmetics and low odor to be used in the next generation of automotive floor mats.

The Challenges

To live out our company motto of ‘Creating Better Solutions Faster’, there were several factors we had to overcome in a short amount of time to deliver a product to the customer that is easy to process, made with good quality and is cost-effective. At the forefront of challenges to meet, was the process challenges. Due to the size of the floor mat, the PolymaxTPE team had to ensure that the material would be able to be easily filled and processed while offering a reasonable cycle time for the customer. The product also was required to meet low odor regulations and cosmetic requirements to have the final product appear with minimal to no flow lines, ensuring a low rejection rate and minimizing potential waste.

Finally, our solution had to meet the strict automotive guidelines, possessing specific physical properties including:

  • Low VOC Emissions
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Odor/Sensory

How PolymaxTPE did it

Introducing a new compounding process and a new chemistry technology, our team was able to deliver a solution that met all of the requirements. After an 18 month cycle of total development time and testing, the product, P32-038-1, is now set to enter the market.

Solving the challenge of large-sized part moldability, our solution makes it easier for the molder to produce a quality product with a low defect rate. It also satisfies the automotive industries’ harsh odor requirement.

In addition to the P32-038-1 providing a low odor and quality product, the benefits of this product also include heat and UV resistant properties, allowing our solution to provide a long service life without showing signs of aging or wear.

Where You Will See Our Solution

Currently, these automotive floor mats are slated to be used in sedans, but they can also be utilized in SUVs and pickup trucks, based on the design. The P32-038-1 floor mat will be available in black, natural, and custom colors. While the solution provided by the P32-038-1 was initially targeted for only solving the floor mat application, the same process could be used to create products in other markets where the requirements for the ability to process, cosmetic, and the sensory regulations are all specified.

The custom TPE solution provided by PolymaxTPE highlights our extensive range of capabilities in materials and manufacturing, in addition to our research and development expertise.

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