Tom Castile: VP-Sales, PolymaxTPE Thermoplastic Elastomers, LLC

We at PolymaxTPE believe that sustainability should not be just a word said to sell products but an initiative to live through and actively partake in. Sustainability is an ongoing process that is driven by a team of people on a foundation of sincere heartfelt beliefs that encompasses:

  • Treating everyone – employees and customers – with compassion, care, and respect. Maintaining a foundation for our company values and respecting our place as a respected compounder in the plastics industry offering premium tpe and sustainable solutions.
  • Treating our environment with respect and attentive care – as a company striving to reduce negative impacts whenever possible.
  • Implementing newly available commercial technologies and processes to promote growth for our employees moving up in their careers. These processes provide positive balance in the workplace and environmental improvements, such as tpe solutions from sustainable bio-sourced raw materials and chemically recycled, “circular economy” raw materials.
  • A sustainable, financially healthy business with a clear understanding of its role in creating customer value. Just as natural systems continually optimize material and energy use, PolymaxTPE is driven to understand the value our customers want and evaluate our actions to ensure our resources are applied to those areas. We are bringing today’s technologies forwards to make sustainable improvements for tpe solutions in the years to come.

PolymaxTPE is proud to continue the dedication and passion we put into our work as we continue our work into the introduction of our new bio-sourced and chemically recycled elastomer technologies.

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