Custom TPE solutions have impacted various markets over the years, recently rippling into the consumer industry for coffee roasters. With a passion for creating awesome coffee, two coffee lovers came together in 2020 to create the next generation of versatile go-to brewers called ‘no-bypass brewer.’ What started as an online article on fixing the problems of ‘bypass’ in standard cone drippers turned into a mission to simplify coffee making. NextLevel Brewer Co®, with the help of PolymaxTPE, found an efficient solution they believe could become the new daily coffee brewer for a large segment of manual brewing coffee enthusiasts. See how PolymaxTPE and NextLevel Brewer Co® worked together to revolutionize coffee brewing!

The initial goal was to create a quality product that could produce excellent coffee with less effort. To make this happen, our customer landed on an innovative design (the LVL-10 Brewer®) that kept pace with the progressive nature and techniques in the specialty coffee industry. The prototyping phase underwent multiple revisions that resulted in an immersion/percolation style brewing. The brewer was designed with a dispersion cap, flat disc filter, and capable of brewing varying amounts, encouraging experimentation in brew ratios and grind sizes. The brewer was designed to be lightweight, easy to store, have minimal parts, and maintain its shape in every use. The final product checked off those boxes, evolving into a travel-safe, tight-fitting, versatile, and sleek product with minimal parts, making for a simplified brewing system.

PolymaxTPE materials aided NextLevel Brewer Co® in developing a sustainable outcome by allowing a two-part cylindrical flat-bottomed bypass brew chamber that yields uniform extraction every time. The design aspects of combining rigid plastic and TPE flexible material is another feature that allows NextLevel Brewer Co® to stand out amongst their competitor’s fully rigid counterparts. A PolymaxTPE flexible TPE top and bottom complement the versatility and lightweight design, giving the product a premium feel.

Turning the design and concept phase into a reality, our team directed NextLevel Brewer Co® through the proper quality processes and specialized material selection for the interface with the brew chamber. When determining the right material, we performed multiple ISO and IATF quality assurance tests to select the most durable TPE. Our team identified numerous product samples for our customer, guiding them in the process, ensuring the material they chose was a custom, lightweight, food-safe, and soft-touch TPE ideal for the intended use.

NextLevel Brewer

After suitable product samples were decided upon, multiple tests were run that measured critical parameters and ideal material selection for coffee brewing requirements. Once the testing was finalized, the TPE was produced in black and white to align with a sleek design exterior. The overarching framework consisted of internal filters, a brewing chamber, and TPE top and bottom to provide that ‘premium’ feel each time the brewer is handled.

PolymaxTPE ensured the design and manufacturing process aligned with the customer’s pricing, quality, and provisions. Proposing the best TPE solution for their brewer delivered consistent results along with durability and functionality. With fast response times and full transparency from design to production, our team was able to supply a progressive product. Overall this helped NextLevel Brewer Co® keep pace with the coffee industry and reach the global market now while looking forward to a second generation of No-Bypass Brewing.

Our continuous dedication and passion turned the customer’s vision into a product that delivers quality coffee without the excess. Ready to start your next project? Contact us today to get better TPE solutions faster.