In less than 10 years, PolymaxTPE has become recognized as a unique, premium provider in the global TPE market due to our technical expertise and innovative spirit. PolymaxTPE is built upon the technology platform of sister company Nantong Polymax with the development of next-generation materials and processing techniques to support the requirements of North American customers.

Founder Martin Lu has assembled a top-quality R&D team, with doctorate degrees from world-leading research institutes. The team has invested over 100,000+ man-hours in the creation of a robust materials platform containing more than 500 standard and premium grades of thermoplastic elastomers. The PolymaxTPE technical sales and custom compounding team is particularly skilled in defining the precise specifications and requirements for custom applications, allowing the creation of better solutions faster.

The TPE’s made by PolymaxTPE are used in a wide variety of consumer goods and home appliances that demand soft-touch cushion grips and ergonomic functionality in product design. Manufacturers incorporate PolymaxTPE products to add functionality, value, comfort, and durability to their products.

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Our TPEs offer some unique benefits to the packaging industry – largely based on their superior seals and increased shelf life due to low permeability and low compression set at both high and low temperatures.

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Manufacturers of TPE products for industrial purposes will find that PolymaxTPE can successfully meet their exacting requirements for safety and functionality.

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Our TPEs are proven to be safe, reliable, and cost-effective in many applications for the healthcare and medical market that is trending away from natural latex and plasticized PVC. The TPEs made by PolymaxTPE offer many advantages such as low toxicity, sterilization stability, low coefficient of friction, and excellent translucency.

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There is no limit of usage in the electrical and electronic industries for our TPEs, especially when protection of components against harmful environmental effects is required.

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Polymax offers a variety of specialty Polymax TPEs to meet the diverse range of performance, processing, soft-touch appeal, weight reduction, and recyclability for automotive applications.

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