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What Are Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)?

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s) are a group of materials that combine the processing advantages of plastics, with the elasticity characteristics of rubber.  Characterized by their soft feel and cushioning nature, TPE’s work well alone or can be bonded to many other harder substrates to improve functionality and design. Industrial designers appreciate TPE’s incredible range of aesthetic, sensory, and performance characteristics that allow considerable design flexibility. Operations personnel also values TPE technology as it offers lower environmental impact with easier, faster processing. PolymaxTPE is at the forefront of advancements in TPE technology and continues to develop new, cutting-edge applications for this versatile material.

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The most versatile thermoplastic elastomer that PolymaxTPE offers, the P-Series TPE is developed for either single-component molding or overmolding to polypropylene.  The P-Series can be engineered to withstand extreme weather and adverse operational conditions.  With a soft flexible feel and excellent grip characteristics, the P-Series material is designed to economically add value and functionality for your applications.

With the ease of processability and colorability, our P-Series is very customizable with uses across many industries. Available in FDA and Medical grades.

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PolyMaxTPE’s C-Series is an ultra-soft Thermoplastic Elastomer with gel-like properties that is PVC, silicone, and latex-free. The C-Series TPE has soft and cushioning comfort with superior colorability and excellent clarity.

The C-Series is excellent for low durometer and polypropylene overmold applications.

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The proprietary A-Series thermoplastic elastomer offered by PolymaxTPE adheres to engineering resins such as Polycarbonate (PC), ABS, PC/ABS, and Copolyester. The A-Series can be formulated to provide resistance to hydrolysis failure, excellent low abrasion properties, low compression set and many other desired properties. The A-Series is great for industrial and consumer applications.

The A-Series maintains a soft rubbery feel, offers easy processability and is available in a wide range of hardness.

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The D-Series thermoplastic elastomer, offered by PolymaxTPE, is designed as easy processing TPE’s for extrusion applications. The D-Series materials can be designed to resist adverse weather and application environments.  The D-Series has excellent melt strength, is suitable for FDA applications and is engineered to last, with a low compression set.

Our D-Series features a smooth surface, a dry feel, is soft to the touch and offers easy processability.

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PolymaxTPE’s S-Series thermoplastic elastomer offers customization through exceptional colorability and ease of processing. The S-Series bonds to general purpose and impact grades of polystyrene as well as Acrylic (SMMA).  Our S-Series was designed with a wide range of hardness and provides a soft touch and excellent slip resistance on every application.

The S-Series from PolymaxTPE is designed with good weather and heat resistance to fit needs in the consumer and electronics industries.

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The N-Series, by PolymaxTPE, is a thermoplastic elastomer engineered for overmolding to Type 6 and Type 6/6 nylons. With the ability to bond to a wide array of polyamide substrates, this TPE series offers excellent aesthetics and enhanced ergonomics. The N-Series has good flow properties, allowing easier processing for insert molding and two-shot molding.

Perfect for the consumer market found in kitchen utensils, the N-Series TPE was developed with a non-slip grip, good durability, excellent heat resistance and exceptional colorability, making it very customizable.

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A high-performance flame retardant grade thermoplastic elastomer, the F-series, offered by PolymaxTPE is engineered with good chemical resistance and provides low smoke emission. Our F-Series is developed for easy processing and is designed to meet UL 94 V0.

The F-Series TPE is ROHS Compliant, halogen-free and features excellent weather and UV resistance.

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PolymaxTPE’s Coating Series is a comfortable and durable thermoplastic elastomer, perfect for fabric coatings and applications. The Coating series TPE’s are built to withstand weathering and wear and are flexible even in low temperatures.

Our Coating Series TPE’s have excellent slip resistance and have a smooth and bright finish to them.

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